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Main article: List of characters in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight While searching for his missing father, Kit Taylor finds an Advent Deck - a special card deck that allows the carrier to transform into a Kamen Rider and utilize unique weapons and powers - and uses it to become Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He butts heads with Len, who serves as Kamen Rider Wing Knight, but the pair join forces after Kit learns that the wicked General Xaviax has imprisoned his father and is using him and the other humans that his monsters abduct to gain power and rebuild his homeworld. Later on Kase, a fellow survivor of Ventara like Len, would join forces with Len and Kit to fight Xaviax. In addition to training Kit to fight like a Rider, Len and Kase tell Kit all about the twelve Riders who banded together as the protectors of Ventara - a world opposite to our own - to take Xaviax down. However, due to the traitorous actions of Kit's predecessor, Adam, General Xaviax destroyed most of the Riders via a process called Venting - which traps defeated Riders in the "Advent Void" between dimensions forever - and stole their Advent Decks. Furthermore, Xaviax has also begun using his shapeshifiting abilities to coerce humans into joining him, giving each one an Advent Deck and the corresponding Kamen Rider powers, with which they fight to eliminate Kit, Len, and the Riders who oppose him. After Kit is Vented, Xaviax recruits Adam to once again become Dragon Knight. Meanwhile, Len uses his Advent Deck to awaken the Advent Master Eubulon, who brings back the Ventaran Kamen Riders from the Advent Void, including Kit who becomes Kamen Rider Onyx

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